A5: Workshop

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Does a country need a natural capital policy to ensure the natural assets are accounted for and preserved? How will such a policy accelerate the adoption and acceptance of the concept? Will a policy avoid all the unintended consequences as nature gets valued? The IUCN membership called for a working group to be established to develop a Natural Capital Policy. A policy that allows all involved parties to focus on the converging points and constructively discuss the diverging ones.

This session will hear how some countries, at a policy level, are already tackling this issue by asking some tough questions. This is also an open invitation from IUCN to the participants to engage further in a multi-stakeholder dialogue in developing this policy.

Led by: International Union for the Conservation of Nature

Room: Moorfoot

Chaired by:

Inger Andersen, Director General, IUCN

Speakers include:

Martin Lok, Programme Manager Natural Capital, Netherlands Ministry of Economic Affairs

Lars Mueller, Policy Officer Business and Biodiversity, European Commission 

Kim Reuter, Technical Director, Gaborone Declaration for Sustainability in Africa

Anna Lemström, Environmental Specialist, FIBS


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