Why this event?

The World Forum on Natural Capital is once again being organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, in association with the United Nations Environment Programme; International Union for Conservation of Nature; World Business Council for Sustainable Development; Natural Capital Coalition and our new partner, the Green Economy Coalition.

"Ultimately nature is priceless. But it is not valueless. The urgent challenge facing us in the next decade is to more fully understand this value, and the critical services nature provides to our economy and society "

Jonathan Hughes

Chief Executive, Scottish Wildlife Trust

The need for action

Nature is our life support system but it is under threat. This has implications not only for nature itself but also for our economy and society at large.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust believes there is an urgent need to foster a better understanding of our impact on the natural world and that Scotland has an opportunity to help lead by example.

The Trust has been active in promoting an understanding of the economics of ecosystem goods and services for a number of years and published its policy on the subject in 2010.

Our aims for the event

Working with our partners from Scotland and around the world, we aim to:

  • Progress global action to protect and enhance natural capital, within an ethical framework, for the benefit of society, our economy and the natural environment
  • Demonstrate how profound change can only happen if business leaders, NGOs, governments and others collaborate
  • Contribute to international targets focused on reversing the damage we’re doing to biodiversity and ecosystems

About the Scottish Wildlife Trust

For over 50 years, the Scottish Wildlife Trust has worked with its members, partners and supporters in pursuit of its vision of healthy, resilient ecosystems across Scotland’s land and seas. The Trust successfully champions the cause of wildlife through policy and campaigning work, demonstrates best practice through practical conservation and innovative partnerships, and inspires people to take positive action through its education and engagement activities. The Trust manages a network of 120 wildlife reserves across Scotland and is a member of the UK-wide Wildlife Trusts movement.


Scottish Wildlife Trust Logo



  • The Scottish Wildlife Trust is currently leading three pioneering ‘Living Landscape’ projects: ecosystem-based initiatives which take an integrated socio-economic and environmental approach to protecting and rebuilding biodiversity.
  • In 2013, the Scottish Wildlife Trust organised the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital, the first major global conference devoted to this rapidly evolving topic. The Trust also organised the 2015 World Forum, which attracted nearly 600 business leaders, government representatives, and environmental experts from 45 countries to Edinburgh to help turn the debate on Natural Capital into action.
  • The Scottish Forum on Natural Capital was launched at the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital, with the support of then First Minister, Alex Salmond. The Scottish Forum brings together public, private and voluntary sector organisations to protect and rebuild Scotland's natural capital.
  • The Scottish Wildlife Trust was an active contributor to the UK National Ecosystem Assessment (UK NEA), published in 2011; and continued our involvement through membership of the UK NEA ‘Follow On’ Stakeholder Group and publications.
  • In 2011 the Scottish Wildlife Trust published ‘Climate Connections: towards low carbon, high biodiversity economies’, launched at the European Union’s annual policy conference (‘Green Week’).
  • In 2010 the Scottish Wildlife Trust was an initiator and key contributor to the Scottish Environment Link Congress on ‘The Environment and Economics’ the Trust is also deputy chair of LINKs Economics Working Group.

The Scottish Wildlife Trust works with many other organisations to explore new ways of thinking that will help protect and enhance our natural capital. Our Chief Executive, Jonathan Hughes is an IUCN (International Union for the Conservation of Nature) Councillor and also chair of the Council’s Policy and Programmes Committee, which oversees the IUCN’s Private Sector Task Force. Jonathan is also a regular speaker on the subject of ‘moving beyond GDP’. 

Our values

The Scottish Wildlife Trust has 50 years’ experience of bringing people together to protect our natural environment, through our six core values:

  • We are pioneers
  • We are always learning 
  • We act with integrity
  • We are evidence-based
  • We are impact focused
  • We are collaborative

The Scottish Wildlife Trust is a charity, governed by a Council of Trustees, elected by members. Council is chaired by Robin Harper. You can read more about the Scottish Wildlife Trust on our website.

The small print

The World Forum on Natural Capital is organised by the Scottish Wildlife Trust, a Scottish registered charity (number SC005792) through its wholly owned trading subsidiary, Natural Capital Scotland Ltd (company number SC424744). The Scottish Wildlife Trust is also a company limited by guarantee, registered in Scotland (company number SC040247). Both companies have their registered office at Harbourside House, 110 Commercial Street, Edinburgh EH6 6NF.

The World Forum is not being run as a profit-making venture for the Scottish Wildlife Trust; in the event of any financial surplus this will be re-invested directly in the conservation work of the Scottish Wildlife Trust.





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