Why attend?

Business leaders, government representatives and environmental experts from around the world will gather in Edinburgh this November for the third World Forum on Natural Capital. Join us for the world’s leading natural capital event. 


As a delegate at the World Forum on Natural Capital, we want you to leave...

...with a clear understanding of:
  • what natural capital is and how it relates to financial and social capital
  • the risks relevant to your sector
  • the opportunities and incentives potentially available to you and your sector
  • the rules and regulations that may apply now and in the future
  • the business case for better management of natural capital
...and knowing:
  • which questions you should be asking
  • what some of the latest innovations look like
  • how to identify (and start quantifying) the risks and opportunities
  • where to turn to make action happen
  • how to put existing tools to good use
  • what best practice looks like
We want you to:
  • be able to find your way around the landscape of natural capital-related tools and initiatives
  • be well equipped to provide appropriate advice to your board
  • have identified a clear starting point on the journey (whether you are just starting out or whether you are embarking on a more advanced journey)
...having had the opportunity to:
  • make your voice heard
  • ask specific questions
  • forge new relationships

With the global population heading towards nine billion, the natural world is facing unprecedented pressure to support human activity. Not only will this have profound consequences for society and the economy, it will also have major strategic implications for business. The World Forum will once again provide an opportunity for senior decision makers to explore how risk can be turned into opportunity by putting natural capital at the heart of their strategy.

"…Without doubt the premier Natural Capital event globally - superbly organised in a good venue and a great city. The calibre of the speakers was higher than at any comparable event I've been to and this combined with clever scheduling and sufficient downtime meant higher quality discussions both on stage and in the corridors." 
Will Evison



The World Forum on Natural Capital will bring together the leading players and the latest developments in this rapidly evolving field.

Over two days, delegates will have a unique opportunity to engage in high-level discussions and examine how natural capital relates to their own long-term strategy. Parallel sessions can be mixed and matched across the four streams.

Connecting with other leaders, learning from real-life case studies and helping to shape the emerging dialogue, delegates will be able to immerse themselves in a collective effort to manage risks and maximise opportunities.

Thought-provoking plenaries, interactive workshops and lively panel sessions will enable delegates to:

  • Identify the high-level natural capital risks most relevant to their sector
  • Understand the financial implications of poor management of natural capital 
  • Develop strategies to avoid volatility in the supply chain
  • Navigate their way through the range of natural capital tools available
  • Understand how better management of natural capital can help create competitive advantage
  • Consider the impact of changing expectations amongst consumers and shareholders

"...both stimulating in the breadth of diversity in the discussions and useful in terms of engaging with colleagues, clients and future clients alike."
Stefanie O’Gorman
Director of Sustainable Economics, Jacobs


Better management of natural capital will not only help provide solutions to tackle some of our biggest global challenges, including climate change, resource scarcity and biodiversity loss, but will also drive innovation.

In a range of inspiring and interactive sessions, speakers from around the world will offer:

  • Insights into the latest major natural capital trends, including the shift towards a circular economy and the growing importance of big data
  • Examples of transformational change and how natural capital thinking is driving innovation
  • Cutting-edge case studies that demonstrate the benefits of putting natural capital at the heart of decision making

"...a fantastic event – good content and precise organisation."
Alastair MacGregor
Chief Operating Officer, Trucost


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