Holger Schmid

Holger Schmid

Director of the Sustainable Economy Programme
MAVA Foundation

Holger is the director of the sustainable economy programme at the MAVA Foundation, a private family foundation based in Switzerland. He leads MAVA’s strategy development and portfolio management on natural capital, green finance and circular economy.  He facilitates and provides advice on collaborative civil society initiatives with a diversity of partners in various European countries. He serves as a board member for the Plastic Solutions Funds, the Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture and a private mountain transport company. 

Holger holds a masters degree in biology from the University of Bayreuth, Germany. He started his career in conservation and restoration research in central America and central Asia before moving on to work for WWF in Mongolia and the Mediterranean on landscape and river basin conservation.



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"A great collection of people attending and presenting - and the plenary sessions were awesome - certainly amongst the best I've ever attended"

James Spurgeon
Director, Sustain Value