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Platform BEE (Biodiversity, Ecosystems and Economy) has called upon businesses to sign The Hague Business Accord in which they agree to take action to incorporate natural capital into their decision making. This declaration will be presented on November 24th at Natural Capital | Let's Talk Business in The Hague.

Every business impacts and depends on natural capital to some degree. For example, business has a need for water in production processes, or for other resources such as plants, soils and energy. Business thus plays an important role in bringing the use of natural capital within planetary boundaries.

This accord builds on existing tools and initiatives by providing companies with a clear ambition and approach.

Specifically, the signatories commit to applying the Natural Capital Protocol. This standardised framework helps companies to help generate trusted, credible and actionable information that can inform decision-making in a way that is beneficial to business, society and the environment.

Organisations wishing to support the Accord should contact Eveline Trines,

Click here to view the declaration.

Platform BEE was a lead sponsor for the 2015 World Forum on Natural Capital. 


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