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Attending this international event in Edinburgh will be an opportunity to explore how addressing the issue of natural capital can help mitigate the following risks:

  •  Higher costs of raw materials as they become increasingly scarce
  •  Increasing difficulty securing finance or higher costs of capital for companies with high impacts and dependencies on natural capital
  •  Reputational risks as the issues become more widely understood
  •  Fines, associated with increasing regulation, for businesses that are unprepared
  •  Water scarcity and quality affecting business operations in various supply chains

By attending the World Forum, delegates will be better equipped to make the most of opportunities for businesses engaging in this area, including:

  •  Considerable growth of sustainably-sourced commodities 
  •  Better decision-making for long-term business viability
  •  A positive response from consumers 
  •  Competitive advantage for early adopters
  •  The creation of new markets based on valuing the services – and not just the products - provided by nature
  •  A better outcome for business and the planet


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We do not have the luxury of doing nothing. While many of us have not fully assessed whether we are protecting the natural capital on which our businesses rely, I wonder if we have asked what the consequences are if this disappears?

Katherine Garrett-Cox
CEO, Alliance Trust

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