Young Leaders' Roundtable

Yong leaders' round table

Young leaders are in a unique position: they hold the key to solutions that can help business and society to adapt and prosper. The Young Leaders' Roundtable at the 2015 World Forum on Natural Capital, run in collaboration with Platform BEE, will be an opportunity to join a small group of the brightest and most energetic young leaders who care about the future of our natural world.


We are delighted to announce that Sir Richard Branson will lead a roundtable discussion, by answering questions via Skype, about ways to drive better management of natural capital.

Sir Richard Branson is passionate about adopting sustainable business approaches. He also uses his extensive influence to harness the resources of some of the world’s top entrepreneurs around this cause.

Sixteen young leaders will gather with a group of their peers to confront head on the key natural capital management issues that they think will challenge them in the future. 

Participants will devote time to understanding our dependence on natural capital, looking at the opportunities available to those who put natural capital at the heart of decision-making.

On Monday 23rd November, young leaders will put questions to Sir Richard live via videoconference. On the following morning, the young leaders will follow up these discussions at the Young Leaders’ Breakfast Roundtable.

Please note that applications for the Young Leaders' events are now closed.

Successful applicants will represent a combination of outstanding young business leaders, entrepreneurs, change-makers, thought leaders and influencers.

Participants will be selected from registered delegates based on their:

  • Ability to bring fresh thinking to the debate on how to bring natural capital considerations into mainstream decision-making
  • Ability to engage a wider audience in natural capital following the World Forum on Natural Capital
  • Open-minded approach and willingness to learn

We anticipate that most young leaders will be in their 20s and 30s but there are no strict age criteria.


"Thank you again for an eye-opening and informative week. You have definitely have added one more foot-soldier to the cause."

Monde Nkosi
One Young World Ambassador, speaking about the inaugural World Forum on Natural Capital


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