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Participants explain the importance of the 2013 World Forum on Natural Capital. Register here to receive updates by email about the next World Forum on Natural Capital, 23-34 November 2015 in Edinburgh.

Julia Marton-Lefèvre"There is no doubt that we must address the importance of properly valuing what Nature gives us as our life support. The World Forum comes at the right time for this key aspect of humanity’s future development."

Julia Marton-Lefèvre
Director General


"Global companies need to become 'world class' managers of natural capital... ParJames Griffithsticipation at the World Forum will enable forward thinking executives to take-stock and move forward with more confidence on this fast moving topic, which has significant implications for business strategy – both development and execution."

James Griffiths
Managing Director - Natural Capital
World Business Council for Sustainable Development

Ivo Mulder"It is increasingly clear that natural capital is becoming financially material for the private sector. At the same time there are not enough opportunities to address this in a meaningful way. The World Forum on Natural Capital is an important global event which will provide answers to businesses that want to understand the importance of this emerging topic for their own company or gain insights into policies that governments may start to implement. I sincerely encourage businesses and relevant government ministries to join us in Edinburgh in November."

Ivo Mulder
United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative
Founder, Natural Capital Declaration

Mike Wilkins"Natural capital depletion and its impact on corporate credit quality is an important area of research relevant for fixed income and institutional investors. Standard & Poor’s will be in Edinburgh to delve into these topics in more depth as part of its commitment to develop its analytics in this area."

Mike Wilkins
Managing Director, Infrastructure Finance Ratings
Standard & Poor’s Ratings Services

Duncan Pollard"I will be in Edinburgh to advance my understanding of natural capital and valuation methodologies, discuss some of our work, and help move the global debate on natural capital forward"

Duncan Pollard
AVP Stakeholder Engagement in Sustainability

Pushpam Kumar

"This event is one of the rare opportunities where the role and contribution of natural capital to business and the economy will be discussed, possible response policies will be analysed and suggested. This event also provides a unique platform to bring some of the finest minds from the fields of ecology and economy to create a shared vision about how business can take cognisance of natural capital into its metrics of not only profit and revenue but its responsibility to human well being in a larger context."

Pushpam Kumar
Chief - Ecosystem Services Economics Unit

Ian Marchant"I'll be at the World Forum on Natural Capital because I believe that business has both a fundamental responsibility to be good stewards of our natural environment and the delivery focus needed to make the changes required to achieve that stewardship. What we need is a common language to account for businesses' use of - and enhancement of - natural capital. The World Forum has a vital role to play."

Ian Marchant
Chair, Scotland's 2020 Climate Group
former CEO, Scottish & Southern Energy

Laurent Piermont"As the only French signatory of the Natural Capital Declaration, Caisse des Dépôts will be in Edinburgh to demonstrate how financial institutions can make a long-term investment in ecological transition, particularly in biodiversity."

Laurent Piermont 
Director of Biodiversity
Caisse des Dépôts

Ekaterina Grigoryeva"Sustainability challenges are increasingly material for doing business across the globe. But even though the financial sector has started to factor natural resources and ecosystem services risks in decisions about investments and asset allocation, the current approaches are insufficient to prove materiality of these risks to the investors’ financial bottom line. If we’re able to make that link, it would completely transform environmental and social risk management in the financial sector and channel more finance to businesses committed to long-term sustainability. I am certain the discussions in Edinburgh will help us make an important step forward in finding innovative solutions together." 

Ekaterina Grigoryeva
Environmental and Social Policy Specialist
International Finance Corporation

Shaun Kingsbury

"The World Forum on Natural Capital will, for the first time, bring the world’s leading players together to explore the opportunities and challenges associated with natural capital accounting. I’m looking forward to helping shape this important debate and seeing it turn into practical action."

Shaun Kingsbury 
Chief Executive Officer
UK Green Investment Bank

Tony Juniper"One of the gravest misconceptions in history is the apparent choice that must be made between development and progress on the one hand and looking after Nature on the other. I hope the World Forum will help more people see the need for a more integrated approach, whereby these two aims are advanced together".

Tony Juniper
Campaigner, Writer and Sustainability Advisor

Malik Amin Aslam"Nature valuation is not only being considered as the key to future sustainability but also as the primary tool for influencing mainstream policy formulation, especially in developing countries. I will be in Edinburgh to be a part of this changing world which is increasingly understanding the necessity of 'valuing nature to preserve nature'"

Malik Amin Aslam
Vice President IUCN
former Minister for Environment, Pakistan

Nigel Topping"I will be in Edinburgh to play my part in accelerating the pace and scale of adoption of natural capital thinking by the businesses of the world.  Our future depends on it – as does theirs"

Nigel Topping
Chief Innovation Officer

Richard Mattison"Against a backdrop of increasing natural resource vulnerability and environmental regulation, fuelled by population growth, companies that act now to develop resource efficient, low carbon technologies and services will be the successful companies of the future. I’m looking forward to helping move the debate on how companies can use natural capital accounting to achieve this business imperative towards action in Edinburgh this November."

Richard Mattison

Oliver Greenfield"The laws of physics will not change so the rules of economy must. We need economies that recognise the value of natural systems and play a proportionate role in protecting and investing in them. I will be in Edinburgh to help accelerate the development and adoption of the natural capital concept as a critical component of the green economy transition."

Oliver Greenfield
Convenor, Green Economy Coalition


James Spurgeon"Corporate natural capital accounting offers an exciting step-change towards more sustainable business operations.  The World Forum in Edinburgh represents an amazing opportunity to help shape this important and rapidly evolving discipline and to engage personally with many of the world's leading experts."

James Spurgeon

Nathalie Rizzotti"We know now that Biodiversity will not be saved by doing business as usual, I think shared responsibilities are central to support a sustainable use of natural resources and therefore dialogue and work between different stakeholders is needed. The World Forum on Natural capital is important in raising awareness and in presenting new approaches that can help businesses to integrate the value of Biodiversity and ecosystem services in their decision making and in long term strategy by showing dependencies and opportunities."

Nathalie Rizzotti
Senior Policy Advisor - Biodiversity
Federal Office of the Environment, Switzerland

Assaad Razzouk

"Many 'profitable' companies and 'growing' economies may in fact be monsters greedily ignoring the needs of future generations.  I will be in Edinburgh because it cannot stay that way."

Assaad Razzouk
CEO & Co-Founder
Sindicatum Sustainable Resources

Mathieu Tolian"Natural Capital Valuation is the only path towards a sustainable economy that creates shared value and respects the planetary boundaries. I hope that the Forum will be successful in identifying opportunities of scaling up both business solutions and collaborations between stakeholders."

Mathieu Tolian
Ecosystem Strategy Officer
Veolia Water

Mathis Wackernagel"Not tracking how much natural capital we have and how much we use is like flying a plane without a fuel gauge. Flying such planes, no matter how strong its engines, is just too dangerous."

Mathis Wackernagel
Global Footprint Network

Katrina Mead"Business profitability motivates behaviours of a broad stakeholder base. The world forum represents a fundamental step on the road to redefining a successful business in this respect and influencing behaviours accordingly. It is an exciting opportunity to help develop solutions for incorporating natural capital alongside existing financial metrics, making it visible in a comparable way and thereby driving behaviours which contribute to more sustainable business practices."

Katrina Mead

Tobias Hartmann“Ecosystem valuation and natural capital accounting have a huge potential to create a more sustainable society. It will alter the way business is done and will allow consumers to make better informed decisions. Still, there is much to do and I hope that the event in Edinburgh will help to address the challenges ahead.”

Tobias Hartmann
Programme Manager
Global Nature Fund

Professor John Barrett"I’ll be in Edinburgh to share the latest research on understanding the environmental impacts of global supply chains. I believe that this evidence can help shape alternative business models for a more sustainable future."

Professor John Barrett
Chair of Sustainability Research
University of Leeds

Lailai Li"The natural capital formed in hundreds of million years to be able to support the human life; it is not infinite. Since industrial revolution over two last hundred years, we human beings spent out its interests and began to consume the capital itself at an accelerating pace to a point of depletion as if it were free. It is the responsibility of no one else but ourselves’ to start nurturing this capital, reassessing our way of “spending” or style of life and investing in education before it is too late."

Dr Lailai Li
China Country Director
World Resources Institute

Monde Nkosi"I believe, very simply, that large organisations are driven by incentives. By making advances in ecosystem valuation and by meaningfully linking the value of natural capital to financial metrics, we can bring sustainability into the core of the business agenda. I will be in Edinburgh to advance my understanding of natural capital valuation methodologies and, more importantly, to make sure that after the forum there is action on this topic from young people within the business community on the African continent."

Monde Nkosi
Young Leaders Group
One Young World

Stefanie O'Gorman"We all have a responsibility to make better decisions regarding how we use resources; financial, social and environmental. The promotion of natural capital within the 'Value Proposition' for both public and private sectors will allow us to take a huge step forward in this regard and support its promotion amongst the general public. The World Forum will bring together the catalysts to make this happen and I am really looking forward to participating in this!"

Stefanie O'Gorman
Director - Economics & Policy

Strahil Christov"I am glad to see that there is global mobilisation on measuring natural capital. It's important that we work together to mainstream the monitoring of natural capital by countries as well as by companies. The World Forum on Natural Capital will help us keep this momentum in order to achieve the crucial paradigm shift."

Strahil Christov
Programme Officer
European Commission

Dr Lisa Svensson"I look forward to discuss, listen and learn on how we together can achieve a sustainable economic growth model by incorporating the Natural Capital and the value of ecosystem services in Government decisions as well as business models."

Dr Lisa Emelia Svensson
Ambassador for Oceans, Seas and Fresh Water

Tom Bosschaert"Natural capital is the foundation of life, accounting for it a vital activity at the core of healthy societies and economies. I look forward to discovering others working on its understanding, experience, and implementation."

Tom Bosschaert
Except Integrated Sustainability


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